We are an independent market research agency operating almost globally since 2004. Our offices are located in Istanbul, Barcelona, Dubai and Cape Town.


We offer qualitative and quantitative fieldwork across emerging markets and our primary focus is the hard-to-reach targets.



We provide services in several areas, including but not limited to, healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, telecommunication, finance, energy, and agriculture.



We are an active member of the leading international market research societies around the world and

strictly abide by the industry code of conduct.



We are Eksen Research.



We are in Turkey, Spain, UAE and South Africa!



We specialize in delivering quality data and help decision makers to have solid insight for decision making.



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Our expertise lies in our sense of wonder.


For years we have helped many clients from different areas achieve their goals.

Our expertise?


We provide extensive set of qualitative and quantitative research services.

Our commitment to detail and quality makes it a motivation for more than 350 clients to work with us on a regular basis.

What we offer?

Focus Groups

In-Depth & Tele-Depth Interviews


Online Bulletin Boards

We offer qualitative research services with our in-house sources.

We use our own panel and database for respondent recruitment and facilities to host research.


We offer the following services:


- Preparation of research materials

 - Recruitment of respondents

- Moderation

- Simultaneous translation

- Transcription

- Analysis & Reporting & Presentation







Mystery Shopping

Usability Testing


Our quantitative capabilities span all modern methods.


We are one of the few companies that can offer straight online approach in our region.

We have our own panels to recruit respondents from. We script and host surveys.


Our call center consists of 25 CATI stations. All of our interviewers are full-time personnel and native speakers.

Every call is recorded for quality purposes.


Our studios

We have 3 studios in Istanbul and 1 in Ankara.


Our studios are custom designed to provide all research needs housed within a spacious, comfortable and stylish setting that we are sure you will enjoy.


Studios feature audio/video recording, live video streaming through Focus Vision, and dedicated wireless online access.

Who we are?

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Have something to say? Interested in getting in touch?


Well, don't hesitate! Contact us.

Switchboard - info@eksen.eu

Sales - erdogan.gundogdu@eksen.eu

RfQ - deniz.serdar@eksen.eu


Tel: +90 212 291 60 06

Fax: +90 212 291 61 06

Where we are?

We specialize in emerging markets, especially in the EMEA. Headquartered in Istanbul, we have regional offices in several markets.

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Tel: +90 212 291 60 06

Fax: +90 212 291 61 06

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